Lost A Jewel....but Losing Her Wasn't My Fault

I'm a young adult.I was hoplessly [still am] in love with this perfect girl [atleast she is to me] about a year ago.We had been friends for a long time.i secretly liked her but didn't really had the courage to tell her about my feelings. So, I started testing her to see whether she reciprocated my feelings.After I became quite sure of her intentions,I made my move. She got a little suprised at first but gave me that million dollar smile that i adored so much.I was on top of the world when she said yes to me.Things were going pretty well but when you live in a country in south asia,people don't have such broad mindsets as western people do. So her parents were pressuring her to get married.She was worried sick about this and asked me what she should do...i told her not to worry and that it'll all pass...and now i suffer everyday for uttering those words from my mouth...anyways...she was cleverly avoiding proposals for her...but her parents forced her to get married to a filthy rich doctor twice her age [she was 15..he was 30] by emotionally blackmailing her with the fact that her father was sick and didn't not have much time to live and wanted to see his daughter get married.no one knew about us so i had to attend her engagement party as i was her best friend...the worst feeling i ever had was when i had to see them put on an engagement ring on her....it was as if my body was being pricked with razor sharp knives..:[..i coudn't attend the wedding...i just couldn't..she was mentally and physically abused by her husband....she got divorced after 6 months but she is not the same again....she doesn't wanna get back together with me...i knw she still loves me like before....i knw our time was short but what we had was well beyond ordinary love.....:[....i'll never be able to forget her....no one will ever be able to love her and care more than i do....i knw i'm young but i had found my soulmate....
decapitatedsoul decapitatedsoul
18-21, M
Jan 17, 2013