I Fell In Love With A Guy That I Can'T Have...

I met him in 2010 and at first I didn't like the guy. He was always mean mugging and had a stank attitude. As the time pass, I got to know him a little more and he got to know me a little more. We both enjoyed music ( But who doesn't). He wasn't a very attractive man, but he was charming. He could sweep any girl off their feet. He walk down the hallway singing and flirting with any girl that caught his eyes. I fell hard for him and when i mean hard. I meant it. Months pass and we start staring into each other eyes or I catch him staring at me from a far. He then start whispering sexual things in my ear. I got scared and said is he really hitting on me? At the time I was 20. He was in his mid 30s. That year later, I started to have a crush on him. I loved it when he sung. I loved it when he look at me. Loved his smile. His voice. I started obsessing over him. The year 2011, I started wearing skirts and shirts that had a little cleavage showing. I knew it was turning him on because he kept staring. He had this 'I'm horny' look on his face whenever he saw me in a skirt and I have pretty long legs. I know it was bad seducing a older man who is off limit. I shouldn't tease because it would leave to something else. And it kind of did, but it was serious. I went to his office and had a little chit chat with him. Then the converstation turn sexual. "What?" he said. "Thinking." I replied. "Thinking about?" he look. "Sex." I replied, slowly. His eyes lit up. We touched, but it didn't go farther than that. We had a moment. I know, I know it's wrong. His girl would killed me, but I made a mistake and I'm glad it didn't lead to sex. This was a lesson learn situation.
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good you learn, many young girls i know end bad...really bad because they got "charmed" by an older guy.

this might sound old fashioned but i believe that true love can be easly found on some one as old as you... why?... for the fact you both may have some experiences in common and ignore some things too and you will learn about life together