I Love Someone I Can'T Have

Title pretty much says it all. Won't go into too much detail, but I just feel so torn. I won't ever abandon this person their my friend, and it wouldn't be fair. I try to stuff the feeling away but as soon as I talk to this person I melt. I have no idea what to do. I just feel hopeless and stupid to be honest.

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Don't feel stupid. I know why you feel that way and honestly I do too but you are not stupid for thinking that way. I feel like I shouldn't talk to this person anymore but we are friends and I feel really good when I talk to them but yet I know they aren't available so why do I do it ya know? I try to act like everything is cool when really im so sad about this. Its hard I know you don't wanna just not talk to this person but at the same time its so hard too. I hope somehow it works out :)

is not stupid, is understandable, you should try to tell this person how you feel really

Love always finds a way angel

pm me if ye want

Totally get it. I let someone go years ago that wanted me that couldn't have me... I could have walked from this loveless marriage then, but I couldn't do it to my family, just couldn't. I wanted him to be happy- I let him go. If this person is someone you can't have & they want you too--they will let you go so you can be happy! We don't fall in love with someone unless we have SOME relationship with them...

I know the feeling, but I have someone I love already. How can I love 2 people? I don't understand!