You'Re Not Mine...

My life was filled with darkness,
I slowly wandered along lost in the tides of life.
I never thought anyone would or could care,
let alone love me as much as i needed to be loved.
Yet you descended from the heavens when i needed it most,
WIth angelic wings spread, you fell from the the sky,
my heart skipped a beat and started to race all at once,
as you looked into my soul.
I was in love with you before i even met you,
and as we talked i realized how beautiful and perfect you were.
Yet, as it is with angels,
I knew i could never have you as my own.
It's okay though, because the fact that you can love me at all,
makes me the happiest person in this whole world <3
Arcentine Arcentine
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2013

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You need to save yourself the pain of "online" love....and ONLY be friends online. Otherwise you will give away your heart to someone you can never touch, smell, taste or "love" is one dimensional, yet ultimately just as real as face to face love...

Protect your heart.