It's Hopeless..

He was another actor in a local play; a college student. Me being only in high school, reminded and told myself not to think too much about anything going far beyond than a simple friendship, he probably has a girlfriend already since he was on the football team and all.
Our roles were.. semi-romantic.
Maybe it was my emotions lingering from the acting that I began to notice that I was overjoyed each and every time I'd see him come into the theater getting in the way of my real judgment, but whatever the case, I started liking him more and more.
He would walk me to the library, where my mom was doing her homework, and occasionally we would take short walks around the campus just talking of our lives and getting to know each other better.

It seemed as though I could not go on anymore when I could not see him for long durations of time. Which.. is counted as being obsessive on my term. So, during Thanksgiving break, I tried to think of other things, and as the week drew near to an end.. it worked.
Until I was sitting there onstage once again, and a huge grin formed on my face when I saw him walk into the room.
The play was over before I knew it, and now I find myself crushed and hurt that I won't be able to see him for who knows how long.
But, he did add before we went our separate ways, that I could call him anytime I wanted. But.. what exactly does that mean coming from someone like him? A day? Week? Month?

I just, am not sure what to think or do right about now.

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6 Responses Dec 8, 2008

Definitely keep the communication open. A coffee, a walk, whatever. If he didn't want to hear from you he wouldn't have said to call. If you don't at least try you'll just wonder 'what if?' and end up like so many of us older guys & girls on here wishing they had made that move when the time was right.
Good luck! X

get togather for coffee and chat

if he said you could call him anytime, hes into u too, id call him up if i were u!

Nothing wrong with keeping the lines of communication open... just be cool about it. (I know, easier said than done)

call him up...stay connected your care for him and u neva know...!!!

Give him a call and chat. Maybe shoot him a hey, what's up text. If he answers you back then just go with it. Maybe he is interested too, you never know.