The boy i love, we send certain 'pictures' to each other but never actually got the chance to be with him or do anything in real.

We've been talking since January ect i've already posted a story about him which is the one saying 'I am in love'

I met this guy the other day, I really like him and he really likes me..I thought I was starting to get over the boy i've been in love with for ages.

And for a day I actually did not think about him, i thought to myself 'Am i actually going off him? Is this really happening?'

That night, after speaking to this new guy. I am going to sleep. I suddenly hear my phone vibrating like crazy and it is from the guy i've loved for ages. He is saying 'don't go to sleep yet' 'can we send pics' 'don't leave me like this'..

He sends me loads of pictures of him ect and there i am again in his trap. Still falling for him.. I tried messaging him today and he ignored me.

I don't know what to do anymore. He is even making me ruin my own chances with having a decent relationship with someone. I can't be happy unless i have him. And i can't have him. I hate this.
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...when i refused to text him nor call him for 2 days(just for 2 days) life was unhappy for me...then I realized i don't want to be unhappy..i miss him..and he misses me,too...the feeling is mutual, the reason why I'm holding's a choice, choose which makes you more happy...Goodluck!