You have to cut your ties to move forward I guess..
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I've definitely experienced that feeling.. Feel free to message if you want to talk about it :)

The thing is... I'm done with feeling ****** and worthless over someone that doesn't even know I exist pookita.. I'm not sure how i will do this, but I will... I can't control how I feel or how much I crave for that someone but I can control how I act and avoid contact and certain types of mind games.. They are fun in the beginning but then they just leave us confused.. I need a clear mind so I can walk away and be free.. If you know what I mean...

Sorry to hear you feel like this :(
Is this someone a friend?
Maybe you can take a bit of a break from seeing them, if that's possible?
Don't want to overload with too many questions so last one.. Have you told them how you feel?

Lol I wouldn't call them a friend, but we do speak regularly.. I'm an waitress so she stops by the coffee shop everyday so I can't exactly avoid seeing her... But I can try and be cold and avoiding towards her that's what should do.. And no, I haven't... She's straight and married... Lol that doesn't sound appealing at all huh, tell that to my stupid heart lol

That is indeed a tough one..
The heart wants what it wants, unfortunately that's how it is.
I think that once you find someone else who feels the same way about you, that's when you will be able to let this one go.. It's amazing feeling love for someone, but it's even more amazing when that person feels the same way. It might seem unlikely now, but once you do meet that person I think you'll be able to see how much more you can really feel when the feelings are reciprocated, and this will then be long forgotten.
Regardless, I know it's hard .. Keep busy and look out for another special someone !

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