Been trying to convince myself to move on.. Staying distant.. Silent... Feeling sorry for myself and alone but staying strong... And then... She ruins it all with a simple text that made me ridiculously happy.. I feel so powerless when it comes to her... It's pathetic... lol I find it ironic cause I mastered the art of controlling my emotions and feelings... And I will control this one too.. Eventually...?!
theonesbeforeme theonesbeforeme
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..felt the same way, too, only to realize I can't let go of him...

I totally know how you feel:-) spend days convincing myself I can do without contact and then he messages me and I can't help but want him all over again . I'm going with , eventually too lol

Don't fight it. You won't control it unless you want rid of it. You will come to a point where it's either you stay like this or resent being like it. A balance between u would be good.

Oh im already resenting... It's crap... Wanting someone that doesn't like us the same way... Lol but alas... I will survive lol