What are we? gfbf, mate or Fwb?
He just ended a long term relationship (and i heard they are in open relationship now)
Obviously he is not that into me, he rejected to take the bf title. "I just can't, even a top model stands in front of me."
He would never say the L word. Just admit he likes me. END.
He tells me I am free to do wtever i want and mix wiv whoever i want. And would be happy if i can find a real bf. I also pray he can find a gf asap so I can let go.
Hell, it really hurts when I heard rumors abt him flirting another girl. (This is in my expectation)
Perhaps he keeps me coz he wants to do stuff wiv me?Bah.
Dim light in the dark is: he would sometimes be jealous and insecure. And he leaves plenty of time for me.

Can you just hurt me deep and fast?

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26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Oh how cruel life can be sometimes. But everything happens for a reason. Look at it as a blessing...now u can find someone who appreciates u for u, knows ur worth, and will cater to both ur emotional & physical
Needs. 🙌

:( painful, hope u get by somehow

thx. I have to try hard on other activities to distract myself . yay