I can't believe it's now a full year I haven't seen you. Heard your voice held your hand as we would walk along the Atlantic City boardwalk. Look into your deep brown eyes and see so much in you. I keep thinking that this is all just a terrible nightmare. That I will awaken from. I've tried it all to let go I can't... No matter what I tried it was only temporary. I have not been with anyone since you left. The thought of looking or being with anyone repulsed me. Maybe I am crazy but I just can't help it. I'll always be madly in love with you..

How I pray that one day I will get to see you and talk with you. That all your fears can be put to rest. If only I can speak with you. I know that everything would be ok.

Do you think of me at all I wonder? I wonder why you can't face me at all? You have no reason to hide my love. I wish you knew how strong I have become. That I can stand and fight your battle with you...you said I am the "perfect woman" well I'm far from perfect. I just want to speak with you. You never had to leave. I know you didn't want to in my heart I know. You were crying I've never in all our years seen you cry. This was killing you. In your heart and soul you know you do want us to be together. God please I wish you would reach out to me. I will take your hand and never let go..

I just pray everyday your ok and that deep in your heart you know how much I love you!! And I always will until my heart stops beating.
Beanbella Beanbella
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...i relate to your story...it must be very hard to bear the pain...but keep loving 'coz it's the only way to keep living ...don't regret just accept and love...goodluck!

I just want that chance... But right now it seems impossible... I know he didn't want to do this. Recent events have made me realize the problem at hand. And it's simple if only he knew..

love will find the way...be strong and keep loving...

I pray every day Hanna.. You have no idea how wonderful he is. I just want that chance. But I can't push him.. I tried to reach out. His fear is in the way. I just pray he comes to his senses

wish you well,too...i am going through the same pain and i wish everything will be alright.. i love the man in every day of my life and i will love him forever...

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I understand what you going through, it is really tough when you doing your best to let go to discover you are not ready and you still love him......I wish I could take your pain away, I wish he could realize how much you care about him.

We feel the same way. :(

I wish we didn't feel this at all