I first laid eyes on him when I was a freshman in high school. He was one grade ahead of me. He was tall, fit, and very attractive. He wasn't dressed like the other guys at our school... He was wearing dark pants, a black sweater, and a black and gray scarf... Much nicer attire than the usual wife beaters and dickys that most if the guys at my school wore. I could tell he was a very funny and gentle person by seeing him interact with the girl he was with. The years went by and I saw him from time to time, but never had a reason to talk to him. I had a few mutual friends, but by the time he graduated I had only spoken to him once in passing. When I was a senior, I accidentally messaged him via Facebook (I meant to message someone else by the same name) and as a result, we began talking for a while. We made small talk for about a month before the conversation fizzled out. He was living in another state at the time and I didn't want to get my hopes up so I decided it was best not to try to maintain a conversation with him. I've had other relationships, but I was never satisfied in any of them. I think about him a lot. I don't know him well enough to claim that I "love" him, but I can definitely see myself falling in love with him if I was ever given an opportunity to get to know him better. I think a lot about what could have been, and what could be.
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give yourself the opportunity to get to know him...eventually you'll find out if you're meant for each other...don't be afraid to love neither don't be afraid to feel the hurt of loving someone...it's a part of our existence...to love and be hurt...than not loving at all..good luck!