I Love Someone I Cant Have

ive just split up with my girlfriend and have a new friend that i have known for two months and i have fallen in love with i cant tell her this and she says that we are friends as she has a boyfriend. i am hurting deep inside and dont know wat to do help!

22-25, M
2 Responses May 21, 2009

its really heartening...but show her that she is special,u have to be subtle in your own ways,u should not seem as someone trespassing on her existing relationship, but simultaneously u gotta be special for her..be innovative, make her laugh, give her comfort and warmth of your personality, do special things for her, make her feel divine...and u neva know...!!!

That is sad. I know that hurt. Don't know what to say other than keep positive and stick around. That is tough place to be though because you don't want to lose the friendship either. I had that situation before about 4 months in I confessed my feelings and even though he had previously said he wanted me he never called or text me again and I haven't seen him in over 2 years. Now I live across country anyway. <br />
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But again I'm in love with a man that has a girlfriend he is taking his sweet time to drop her but we spend time together every weekend(yes we are intimate even) and talk on the phone pretty much every night for 45-60 minutes usually. He says that its been ending for some time he is just trying to clear up some unresolved things. I knew about her before we started seeing each other and asked him if he had a girlfriend when he asked for my number because I had already asked a "friend" what his name was and she said oh thats "his name" M's boyfriend. My heart sank that afternoon. But I proceeded with where my heart was leading and its been good so far. In all fairness we all work at same place so I can see some hesitation on breaking it off and then having to deal with working together. DRAMA and complications always seem to come in between love. Blah!!! The "friend" of mine is buddies with his "girlfriend" and has been trying to tell me he is married and that the girlfriend had told her. I have had little trouble believing that it is totally FALSE given the source. They know I like him and I think they are trying to run me off.