I Must Be Crazy

I am so desperately in love with this girl. She is everything I have ever wanted. She understands me which is not any easy task. The little things I do that make most people think I'm weird are what she loves about me. I have never met anyone like her in my life and I know I never will again. I think about her constantly and she feels the same about me. I can not even begin to describe how she makes me feel. I am so happy when I'm with her. Happier than I have ever been. Problem is I just turned 24 and she just turned 17. The age difference means absolutely nothing to us yet I know it's illegal. I have a daughter who depends on me and I can not afford to take the risk. What the hell is wrong with me

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this might not be helpful because i have a problem with the age difference in relationships but hear this... crap... read this:forget about the ilegal stuff, she will turn 18 soon, if you too truly love yourselfs, then you'll wait untill the relationship will be... correct( thats not the word but i can't say it on other words)<br />
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seeing the responses, she has more than 18 now, so if it work then congratulations you find what i always wanted, a soul mate.<br />
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if you are still with doubts and need some aid awnser me this: how old is your daughter?

i feel to be in love but due to certain reasons i don't know who to love.

I feel the same way. I am in love with someone I cannot have. I never felt this way before. Around her, I can be myself and I never felt such a strong connection with anyone. I think about her all of the time, I dream about her all the time, and when I am around her I seem to act like a grade school boy, pulling her hair, trying to **** her off just to get her attention. She is my therapist,lol. I know, a situtation that is impossible. I read about it, it is like a transference thing, I don't know. Anyway, I love her, therapy or not, and I always will.<br />
Peace everyone,<br />
merry xmas.

I feel everything youare talking about,I am in the same situation.I am stone gone after a woman I can not have.I am married.DAMN!

actually I am her mom as far as things with her father that is a long and complicated story and he hasnt seen her since september

You don't have a problem. I think the age of consent is 17 in most states and if its 18 where you live, all you have to do is wait!<br />
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You love this girl and she says she loves you. Do you know how lucky you are?<br />
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I remember being 24---------------and my romantic problems were with somebody who DIDN'T feel the same way I did. <br />
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That said, its good that you recognize your responsibility toward your daughter. But that is separate from your feelings toward this girl. What is your relationship with your daughter's mother?

Nothing at all is wrong with you. Feelings just happen, and sometimes they can't be acted on at all. Many years ago I was incredibly in love with a woman who had two kids, ages two and four. In those days it was illegal for lesbians to have custody of their children. Her ex-husband was trying to get the kids, and was having her followed around by a private detective. So there was a choice to be made: do we get involved and she loses the kids, or do we just not ever see each other again? We haven't seen each in over 30 years. But if she had said to me 'ok, he can have the kids, let's be together' I wouldn't have wanted her, because how could a mother do that to her kids? I think you did what you had to do. You can't afford to take any chances when there's a child involved.