Want To Forget Him

i am unmarried, female of age group 30-35, waiting for the right guy, controlling my desires, still a virgin, never ever had a boyfriend. I recently came to know a guy of the same age grp and fell in love with him. I then came to know that he is married. after which i dont want to have any connection with him. He too must b a sincere man for his wife i guess. Whatever but i want to forget him now which i am not able to do.

the man i love is there 24 hrs on my mind, i didnt want to but i hv fallen into deep love with him. I keep thinking abut him all the time which brain doesnt allow, heart doesnt want to listen and is defeating my brain.

is there any way to forget him fast. i am depressed, sometimes feel like crying. I know i should stop thinking of him and try to engage myself more n more in something else but right now it is very difficult & i am not able to.


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31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

...i understand your situation...loving someone you can't really have...stay in love but continue your life, be very busy...you will find the right guy for you at the right time..Good luck and be happy...

i understand what you are going through, although i am younger than you i am in the same situation as you. I too love someone but my only situation is that i do not feel as if he loves me in return. To be honest there is nothing you can really "do" to forget him fast. I believe that all you can do is try to live your life happy day to day talking to someone you trust really helps as well. I will not be like others and say "just forget about him there are more guys out there" because i honestly think that is just "bull".<br />
<br />
Try to be happy, Smile and think of things that make you happy. I wish you all the best!