I Have An Issue I Would Like You To Help Me On.

I have a situation where i went out with this guy for a good year and a bit, and we had a tough break up. Ever since we broke up we have not been in contact. I have tried to contact him but he refuses to talk to me. So i let it be and left well enough alone. Now i recently find out that he is trying to get information out of my friends about me. He asks them what school i go to and what i do after school and such. Yet when i get my friend to ask him to contact me he still refuses to....We broke up because he said i was Immature, Stupid and Childish...i accept the fact that i was before but people change do they not? He still has the thought in his head that i will NOT change and i will always be the little kid that i was before....i admit i do still have feelings for this person...some people may call me stupid because of it but i do not care. Because i do in fact love him. 


So my question is...What should i do?...Should i confront him and ask what is going on?...or should i just wait it out...Any suggestions??...


Thank you all for all your time!

LovelessDreams LovelessDreams
22-25, F
Feb 28, 2010