i know i always say that everything happens for a reason

every cloud has a silver lining

but when im around you, sometimes i cant breathe

you dont even know the effect you have on me

how could i fool myself into thinking i had a chance?

when all you did was play me like a ******* violin

you think youre hot ****, and the truth is, you are

that just made the flirty glances easier to believe

i should have realized it from the beginning

you played me because you knew you could

i was desperate for something different

and you were a light at the end of the tunnel

you wanted me to fall for you, it only boosts your ego

if a girl like me can love you

then why shouldnt anyone else?

but a guy like you should stay away from girls like me

you dont understand the damage you do

trying to recover is the hardest part

knowing i still have to see you everyday

know that i WANT to see you makes it worse

cause even though you ****** me up

i dont think you meant it

youre too damn nice to hurt a girl

this was all my fault, and i regret it.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

hay chin up things will get better... when how.. i have no idea.. but they will get better... :)