In Love With Myspace Friend

I have been in a stable, loving relationship for over six years and have never cheated nor had feelings for another person.  However, I immediately fell for someone I met on Myspace.  I think of them day and night.  I feel depressed often because I cannot meet them in real life.  We share a lot of secrets and fantasies online (including pictures I am ashamed to say).  Now, this person hasn't had contact with me for over three weeks.  I think this person has suddenly decided to put an end to this charade.  I think they too realize that the feelings are too strong for us to continue.  Neither of us wants to be caught.  I think this person is the most amazing looking human being I have ever laid eyes on.  My heart is so low as is my current mood.
thefourzoas thefourzoas
36-40, M
Feb 13, 2007