I Met My Boyfriend On Myspace And We Plan To Marry

I moved from Michigan to the Chicago area in 2006 with my job, just three months after losing my husband of 21 years to COPD.  I was devastated and moved away from my family with my 15 year old old (oldest son stayed in Michigan).  After a year of heavy grieving I decided that I didn't want to live my life alone.  At 42, a friend told my about myspace and I started meeting friends online. I saw this guy name Ron's page and thought it was cool and also noticed that he lived close by but was also originally from Michigan.  He is a Christian like me and I liked his Christian myspace page.  I sent him an email and we started talking online and became friends.  After a while we advanced to talking on the phone and eventually had that first date.  The rest is history...we fell madly in love and plan to marry and soon as we have the money.  This August will be three years that we have been together and I can't imagine my life without him.  He is my sweet Love and my best friend.

Thank you myspace




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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I migrated to another country to further my studies...I had a few bad relationships in the past and was about fedup of dating.<br />
My now bf and I met on Myspace accidentally and has been together almost a year now.It all started when I was bored a Sunday evening and was just home chilling with my sister.I started to receive a few messages from a guy and was alittle annoyed at first. I responded and the conversation was interesting most of all because I didn't believe that a single guy that has a good job and lives by himself is still around in that country(DID I MENTION SEEM VERY NORMAL).<br />
We exchanged numbers and started speaking on the phone regularly and before we knew it I asked to meet him in a public place. After that first day he seemed normal and I was interested in getting to know him more.I met his entire family and he met my sis and spoke to my mum and dad on the phone. We are expecting our first child and we are all prepared to accept him.He is the most sincere and kindest individual I ever met. We are living together but we are planning to when I am ready and marriage will be on the way.<br />
He is the type that calls to ask how your day went and what you had for lunch. H e would be a great father and he loves kids.<br />
I always thought that guys online are physcos.I never knew I could find love through cyberspace.