Why Does This Happen?

So I am going to start from the beginning. This is going to sound crazy and not anything like what it actually is. When I first started my job in the finance office I loved every second of it. Made new friends and done new things. Our office was seperated from the rest of the work and for a while I was infatuated with a guy that worked in sales. he was about 4-5 years older than me but looked younger, about my age. That never went anywhere. He wasn't interested. Then at a christmas night out while I was amazingly drunk and kissed a manager in my work. He was short, balled, but cute and funny but a lot older and married with grown kids. After that night we never spoke of it and get on fine now without things being awkward. Then at the beginning of this year I finally gave in to a guy who works in our other office away from Scotland and travels up maybe once every few months and I slept with him at him house up here. It was amazing and I really cared for him but now he has a girlfriend and we don't see eachother often. The latest one is with guy across the hall. He is smart and good looking. We get along great and love all the same things. Seeing the way he looks at me I know he is different from the rest because he hasn't asked to sleep with me. Ignored or short me down. He said I was cute and sweet and eventhough I am younger yet again he dosn't mind. We have all these inuendo jokes and dirty refrences but not in a horrible way. As a joke. He is married. Just today he showed me the tattoo he has on his arm of his wife. Its new and nice but lets just say it dosn't do her any favours. Hope he comes to his scenses because I care about him a lot.
Anon1994xx Anon1994xx
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012