Why Does This Happen - Part 2

Ok so the last time i wrote it was about my amazing "friend" from work and how our christmas night turned into what i always wanted and then what i never wanted.. I got up to the part where we don't really talk much anymore except the odd time on Facebook and never about anything deep.

Last night I got a message.
When I saw it was from him my heart raced and I couldn't wait to read it so of course that's when my pc froze...
Anyway finally kicked back in and I read the message... just simple, send me the book you wrote, can't wait to read it ;).
I was thrilled. Sent it straight away and reminded him how grateful i am for his support. without him I couldn't have done it blahblahblah.
"Don't worry about it, I love to read your stuff, miss you."

WOW that was me. I really didn't want to but i did .. "miss you too Gary" I replied.

Anyway long story short I DO MISS HIM. I want to talk to him, see him again and now i have my new job its practically impossible. I want to ask him for drinks but I know I am dipping my feet in murky water again :(

Wish he would leave his wife but I know thats selfish and I know It wont happen.. hes tied to her now...
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Jan 17, 2013