I Just Love A Much Older Guy

I'm 19 and he's 33. We've been dating for almost a year now. I never really thought I would consider someone his age, until I met him. He's a caring, gentle, thoughtful and pretty sharp guy. He can decipher my emotions and always get me to talk to him and work out any problem. I'm nothing like a typical 19 year old, as I want a long-term and committed relationship, someone who can make me feel safe and everything is going to be fine when I'm with him, and that's exactly how he makes me feel.He cares a lot about me, even my family, and tries to help whenever he can. To me he's like a bestfriend and a lover. I can talk to him about anything and get his advices. Of course he has some issues, like insecurity, emotional unstability, but his personality compensates all that. You would think how an insecure and emotionally unstable guy could make me feel safe, well it's a little complicated. He's been through a couple relationships, and none of them have worked out. He was used a dumped too many times and now he's always skeptical about everything. It took me a really long time get him to open completely to me. Sometimes he's like "they just all left me, sometimes I thought there must be something wrong with me not them. I don't know..." Kinda like that. I know an insecure guy can be annoying, but I try to get rid of that, and I'm quite successful so far. I don't know if anyone has experienced this, but sometimes things are not what they seem to be. Someone might look unappealing on the outside but when you get to know them, you just can't believe how people could pass them up. He's a person like that. I know my parents will give me a hard time on this, but I won't let go of it. He's the second person I've ever dated, but I know finding someone who's completely compatible with you isn't an easy task. The age difference gets to me sometimes when I hear people sneering at relationships like this, but we're happy together, why woupld people's opinions matter?
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Good for you two! If you're in love and your relationship is healthy, then that's honestly all that matters. Screw everyone else; be happy together. :)

I know what you mean. I'm 19 and my soon-to-hopefully-be boyfriend is 42. Still trying to find a way to tell my parents.....hmmm.... Lol let love run free!!

im 19 and my boyfriend is 45! been together for over a year and no one knows!!