He Takes My Breath Away...

okay, so theres this guy who looks way older than me, say about 10 years or so, and i see him nearly everyday at the bus stop (if im lucky enough) i've seen him for about 6 or 7 months but never actually talked or anything. i try to get over him and say to myself he probably has a girlfriend cos hes that good looking or he would never be intrested in someone like me, so then i say to myself i don't care if i see him or not anymore, but then when i see him i get butterflies and cant control my smile and he just takes my breath away then i cant keep my promise about me not caring to see him anymore. hes the only thing that makes me look forward to throught the day, but sometimes i might be early at the bus stop or late and dont get to see him. what should i do? please help

ArmedAndDangerous ArmedAndDangerous
13-15, F
Feb 19, 2010