Unhappy Relationship

I married my hubby because I was homeless my mum threw me out of the house. Friendsitting is what I did from house to home, I had no money not even for the bus. Had I gone anywhere it would have been on foot. I had no money to eat completely trapped! Then enters into my life this nerdy man not a romantic bone in him all he ever wanted to talk about was him.
Our first date was at a fast food restaurant we got there in his work truck. The entire conversation was about the metric system, no he didn't even wanna go to a sporting event he hated sports outright and bragged that he never played sports in his entire life. On our second date he talked about a documentry he watched on the BBC there were no flowers when I asked him if he wanted to go for drink he took to his home and opened a room temp bottle of some bitter herb drink with alcohol I declined the offer. Kissing was like kissing a tode clammy and slobbery, he said that he had something that he wanted to show me. Said he thought that I'd be impressed it was he entire school grades from Kindergarden to his graduation all A's. He claimed while others were playing sports he was studying. One year later into our dead relationship I met an athlete tall, muscular, with a great smile. We chatted in the gym first and it wasn't about the metric system! The sex is so rivoting I never new sex felt that great my husband was my first. Now I am torn if I chance it I probably will have to return to work. Plus take a chance on relationship that might not work. I am so torn! please help
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You are already trapped, so keep the husband and the lover and slowly work on your financial situation .

Ahh! your sweet hunny