Thank You, My Love

i've always been somewhat a lone wolf or a little miss independent. ever since i was a child, i always try to achieve things on my own. perhaps being the eldest child, makes me more inclined to prove to everybody that i can do or achieve anything and be the pride and joy of everyone. my greatest fear has always been people finding out my weaknesses and imperfections. thus, i created a huge wall around me to prevent people from hurting. i even acted like i have a very cold heart at times. never let anyone inside my heart. things worked fine that way for me. i am the perfect example of an ice maiden then.
then, came one fine autumn. my first day in med school. that's when i met him, know his kindness and fell in love with his warmth. no, it wasn't love at first sight. we were in the same class, and we happen to be rivals fighting for to be top of the class. so in the beginning, i really find him annoying. he came to me one day and said, " i'm going to melt that icy wall you build around yourself and then stay permanently there". of course, i promoted him from being an annoyance to intolerable delusional idiot status immediately afterwards. but, he never gives up. never stop showing me kindness, always be there for me , always protects me. throughout our 6 year of med school, he became first my best friend then my love and soul. apparently, we're very similar in terms of interest, attitude etc. he's the person closest to my heart. we understand each other better than anybody else. oh did i mention, both of us are actually very stubborn idiots. but, somehow we do listen to each other.
both of us graduated 2 years ago (no, we didn't manage to become the valedictorian, our other close friend did. bless him). we ended up working in different countries. he's working in finance in country A and i'm running my own company in country B. we both decided, working in medicine is not for us. (not really into taking crap from people)
since graduating we never saw each other again. i decided to stop. my family is not very happy about our relationship. both of us are from different race and religion. i ignored his calls, texts, e-mails. i even changed my number.
but i never deleted his number from my phone.
last christmas, by some random chance i accidentally dialed his number ( ii'malways too lazy to lock keypad), on hearing his voice said "hello. who is this?" this is the voice i have so terribly missed for a very long time. i answered " it's me ......". he asked me where i was at that time and immediately took the next flight to the city i was in. we met each other again that night, exactly 6 minutes before the clock strikes at midnight.
seeing him again after so long, just make me realize i really do love him. he is the one. part of my soul is with him. he completes me. (i guess he really does manage to stay in my heart permanently)
thank you God for creating someone so wonderful for me.
now, i need to figure how to solve the logistics problem and get my family to accept this wonderful person.
asteralpinus asteralpinus
26-30, F
Jan 13, 2013