Silent Love

Its horrible being in love with someone who doesnt know you exist. Well in my case the guy knows i exist i guess, he just has no idea i'm in love with him. We went to the same high school. he's 2 yrs older then me, I've had the biggest crush on him since I was 15 yrs old. I'm 23 now. And he's...still around I guess. We still live in the same city and have mutual friends, but we're not friends. He used to try to hit on me in school, but I would get so nervous around him that I couldnt even speak. He's the only guy thats ever done that to me. I hope one day I'll have enough guts to tell him. until then, I'll just admire from afar.
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2011

It's sounds like you have more of a chance than I do with the guy I like. You should tell him! You can do it! I believe in you!

I know this is the hardest thing in the world to do but you need to tell him. I think its critical. So many times we let someone come and go without telling them how we really feel. And usually they feel the same way and they need to hear it.

wow, I got a real similar story here too.<br />
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There was this girl I had a bit of a crush on in school. Finally, first semester of senior year I got a class together with her. Had a couple short opportunities to talk briefly with her before class started.<br />
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But like you, I had nervousness problems. I was tryin to get up the guts to talk to her for the first time, had been chickening out the previous two weeks. I finally told myself to quit chickening out and kinda tried to make myself talk to her, but then a sort of panic came over me and I bailed. I think I might have started shakin really slightly, maybe breathing funny, hahaha. <br />
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Craziest thing happens, right then she decides to talk to me. So I immediately forced the nervousness aside most of the way, and calmly replied back and started a short conversation with her. Then a lot of days if I was able to make it early to class (it was the first class of the day and I had a hard time sleepin in) I started a conversation with her, tried thinking of casual questions to ask her. <br />
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I got an idea to invite her to a party me and my friends we're gonna have during thanksgiving break. We had done the same the 2 years before I think, I know at least the 1 year before. So I got the idea to invite her and see if she would come. However, I chickened out of asking her till I think like the "last minute." A day or two before the break, I asked her what she was doing, and she was going to be busy with her family things. <br />
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I wanted to figure out how to get us to hang out outside of school, but never got the guts to ask her, and sadly never talked to her again. <br />
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I first had a crush on her when I was 14 I think. And I am turning 23 in a month as well. And I think she still lives in the same town, though I don't think we have any common friends.