He Never Notices...

Hi! my name is Emily, and im totally falling for a guy who doesnt know i exist. i mean, he knows who i am, but never talks to me.
He's the sophomore soccer player (same as me) we're in the same grade, adn four of the same classes. it seems like a luxury to be with him so long, but it breaks my heart every day when i see him with everyone else but me. we've been in the same classes since 6th grade, and this crush started in 7th. may seem pathetic, but i just cant seem to shake it! he sits right behind me in one of our classes, and pretty close in all the others. (besides gym...) i want to talk to him SO bad. thing is, im probably the shyest person ever, my face gets beat red if i even talk to guys!:( i HATE it.
we play soccer against each other all the time, and have classes together, but he never seems to even take a glance over, even though im sneaking peaks throughout class..(:
Any tips on how to get over shyness and talk to him?

i wish i could just read his mind sometimes..:(
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1 Response Jun 8, 2012

Tell him!! Don't let this chance go by. Try!! If it doesn't work out at least then you'll know. I know its easier said than done! He will know you exist! Do you play soccer well??