Love Stalk

Everyone in here has there stories about how they are IN love and I feel like a soppy tennager writing this but I think It might help and I guess some people might find it weird and stupid because to be honest at points I feel it too.

I'm guessing everyone has heard of One Direction well I started to listen to a bit of information on the band members and I kind of have started to like one of the members now It's not that I fan girl because I'm not the type and it's not that I actually like their music it's just what I have found out and learnt about that member it just makes my heart swell up.

Thing is I know I will never meet him and there are about a million other girls who say they are in love and hope that they will one day meet him the thing is my liking for him is different its not his fame its what I have learnt.

And before everyone says that they might be just rumors, I already know and the management might have made him say those things but there is just something deep down telling me its true and telling me that I need to help them, but I kind of already know that I will never meet him and if I did it would never happen and I feel pathetic and stupid right now.
Brokenhearted4ever Brokenhearted4ever
1 Response Feb 8, 2013

Hey babe go watch the secret it will help you attract anything (or anyone! 😉😉) you want in your life.