The Man I Long For

He is a man with High Morals.  I love him and it hurts to know that he is believing a lie that is going around the  University or College (whatever  you want to call it) about me.  I am 41 years old and I don't need that kind of high school crap going on in my life.  And yet his mom hates me, and she don't even know me.  He has the most amazing smile and he is so kind and gentle.  The only bad thing about him is he doesn't want any responsibility in his life.  He does know how to treat a woman.  He is turning his life around and I have to applaud him for that.

I see him in my car where he has sat in my car, I remember us being together and talking.  I remember that amazing smile, I remember how chills went down my spine the first time he touched me on my face and my neck to where I almost wrecked. I remember how he calmed me down just by hugging me when I had my final presentation for my last class.  I can't go to the resturant we ate at because I see him there with me. Everything we did or talked about keeps running through my mind.  Sometimes I can't sleep because the memories keep flooding my mind. How can one man calm me down just by a touch.  I need to let it go and I need to move on.  But how do I do?  I have met someone who makes me laugh and smile and he is a special guy but it wouldn't work between us and I know that.  Will I ever find the right man for me? These question are left to be answered and I need them to be answered.

smilinberni smilinberni
41-45, F
Mar 7, 2007