Airplane Boy.

He's my best friend, my sole confidant on most matters, the love of my life and the only guy I trust... We're amazing togeather we click... the chemistry is just... WOW... it has been for three years. We tell eachother everything... We're also hardly ever in the same city, the same country at the same time. We tried it once before... I got insecure, he met someone else... It's been a rollercoaster ever since. We've forgiven, forgotten, fallen in love all over again but still cant and wont get involved officially. Maybe its better like that, no expectations, no pressure the distance isnt so real... And yet it still kills. Espeically every time one of us goes on a date or somehting. Im so afraid for the day when one of us meets someone else, someone we want to spen d the rest of our lives with... its going to be so painfull... I dont know if this makes sense to anyone else. But god i love him.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

This makes perfect sense to me. It is really damn hard. It breaks my heart and tears me up inside. It is my obsession and weakness. But, I have to be strong in order to survive the pull into emotional entanglement. There was such a person in my life and circumstances have made it so that we cannot be together. After 13 years of friendship and much more....the absence is very painful and the thought of the one that could finish my sentences without talking being with another is strikingly painful. But, I cannot save what is lost. I continue to move. Sometimes slowly and without the bounce of life in my step. I fight. I cannot let it destroy me. I am my own person and I deserve to be happy as do you.