I Love Her More Than You Ever Could

i love her the way she needs to be loved im not just playing with her emotions like you are. She needs someone like me not you all you do is hurt her and make her life worse. So have some respect if you care about her at all walk away and let her be happy with someone who really does love her

Lilscrapper Lilscrapper
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i have decided to just stay out of their lives and go on with my own they really do love each other and its selfish of me to try breaking that up

hehe at the moment im in a similar situation like u.,...

thank you for you kind words and i hope your right about her being my girl some day i will not stop loving her

There are times we do not see right away the full picture.So many people do not like advise that want to find out on their own, this happends all the time> you are a one in a million person I do hope some day you can prove to her you were right.Keep on loving her and one day she could be your girl! ha take care!