We fell in love in a hopeless place

Full tank of gas on a joyride to nowhere.  Radio blasting, singing songs we don't know.  Laughing till it hurts.  Sunny with a chance of rain.  Hand in hand with my boo, we drive aimlessly. Recklessly.  One hand on the steering wheel, no foot on the brakes.  Drunk with the blissful ignorance of love.  No seatbeats belts.  pure adrenaline.  Floor it! Heart jumping outta my chest.  It starts raining and we dont slow down.  Tires screeching, car spinning, losing control...

Right into the bridge we go.  Water starts seeping in.  He's serene and and I panic.  Its the dreary scene from the titanic.  Its so dark and cold, I'm bleeding and in pain. Slowly realizing that we were being insane.  We gotta excape, but you wont make a move.    Crying at the idea of losing you.  Somehow you broke free and left me behind.  I'm sinking deeper and I dont want to die.  

Reaching out my hand, hoping you would save me.  But you are fading away, I'm no longer your baby. Was our adventure worth it? Any regrets? I'm blurting out obscenities like I've got tourettes.  My actions were my own, so theres no fingers to point.  How could u leave me? We fell in love in a hopeless place...
loudsilence1 loudsilence1
26-30, F
Jun 6, 2012