My Secret Love

WE met at work and started talking inocently enough.  He is married with children as am I, and although I was very attracted to him I didnt think there would be any possibility of any relationship.  After several weeks of flirting with him I did get an opportunity to tell him I was attracted and he told me he felt the same.  We exchanged cel phone numbers and began talking on a daily basis sometimes two times a day sometimes for over an hour.  Our conversations started out innocent and then eventually we admited our attraction and began having intense phone sex.  After about a month or more of these conversations we made arrangements to get together alone at my place.  I was very nervous but very excited and it was the most incredible and passionate experience I have ever had.  My feelings for him were more intense than I ever imagined.  I suppose  it was the same for him, however it was so passionate that he realized it could destroy both our lives and our families and he didnt want that so he backed off on the relationship.  we still talk and are "friends" but I fear that my feelings for him are more intense than his for me.  He consumes my thoughts.  I think of him constantly wondering how he is doing and feeling.  wishing I could talk with him more and be with him.  At times it is very difficult and very frustrating.  I suppose I will just have to enjoy the memory of our time together and hold on to that.
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1 Response Apr 17, 2007

Don't you just love when someone says, "Let's just go back to being 'friends'"??!! If you've seen his winkie and appendectomy scar, how can you think of just being FRIENDS, for Pete's sake!! lol.