No, But the Revers...

No, but the reverse is true, and in the past when I loved someone and they didn't love me back, I thought I was the only one in pain. Now being the person who is LOVED and not having the same feelings I see that, that too is no picnic. It is hard to talk to him when he talks about his feelings and i have NO choice but to remind him that it will no work for MANY reasons. The sad thing is, is that he is a friend of mine, so it's not like we do not have a history together, but I can honestly say, and tell him over and over again that I see him simply as a friend and in a way a younger brother. Every time he starts talking about us dating I have to tell him it will not happen and I have been BLUNT on the reasons why!! Even that is not an easy thing to do, I am hoping this is just a phase for him and in time he will let go of his feelings, but since he is a friend, what do I do? Do I sever the friendship, which I cherish, or hope that he will get the message which has been very CLEAR? And hope that He will stop HOPING that I will change my mind?
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1 Response May 11, 2007

I feel for you.<br />
I wish I had an answer.<br />
you say that you are good friends<br />
Do you have any interest at all<br />
in him<br />
if not<br />
I hope he will get over it<br />