Your Back

Why do I do this to myself here we go again with the emotional rollacoaster. I had moved on yet a moment of weakness I text after 9 months without. You respond, are a exited, ask me to meet ,we do and 4 days nothing. All this show yet u don't move. When will I learn nothing can change your mind, your not into me, I'm tired n I'm about to give up. Do I go with flow n observe your actions, do I walk away or do I ask what I want. Do u want back too hence your changed attitude when we meet.But I'm so tired exhausted.

Why do you torture me, correction why do I torture me. I'm about to walk away. So close yet so far away. The realization hits me what ever you do will never be good enough because your pace will never meet mine. My expectation are unrealistic as you didn't fall on love at first sight like i did. Can I be patient? God I wish I could and perhaps that's the lesson for me to learn.
Impulse11 Impulse11
36-40, F
Dec 5, 2012