I Love Him. Does He Love Me Back?

So, im in love with my teacher. We are great friends. We hang out and talk all the time and just talk and be weird. He callsme crazy (sarcastically) and intelligent and kind. He is super hot and only a little bit older than me. We have done every step of flirting except kissing and other intamacies. He hugs me, touches me, not inappropriately, just on the arms, shoulders, back, and most recently, hands. We can talk about everything. What should I do? Do I tell him? Do I wait for him to tell me? Advice would really help. <3
kgirlly13 kgirlly13
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Maybe you could leave it to develop for a bit... See if he says anything, and if he doesn't, then go for it and tell him. Best of luck!<3 z