Im 21 years old, and yes, im in love. I asked this person out on a date and she agreed. The same day later that night, i was informed by a close friend that she was having sexual relations with someone just "for fun". That someone is also a friend, and i cant seem to accept the fact that this happened. I cant really understand why anyone would do something like this. Am i wrong for feeling so bad and depressed about this happening? I dont think i could date this girl after she did this. I am in no way trying to be judgemental nor am i judging her actions, but since i have never been with anyone, i somewhat expect my parter to be the same. This girl does not currently know i know about this and i have no idea what to do. I need any advice, thank you.

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Honestly, Its like this....Before you, she was living her life....you fell for her..and now your part of her life...that should be enough. If she should be with you, depends on her decision of the other girl. : )

In today's world it is damn hard to find a virgin. If you love this person it don't matter what they did before you and if they love you it don't matter what you did before them. So what if a girl or guy is the biggest **** in town if you love them you will get through. It has moved across country nobody knows and you're happy. Look at life as a one-way street you can't go back and if you look back while you going ahead to have an accident the past you can change so forget about just move on. Go out on the date you never know you may have a great time you may have a rotten time. But if you don't do it you will never know and you will always be sorry. Just go for it good luck.<br />
Merry Christmas happy new year.

well i think just bc shes already had sex. that dont mean ne thing. i understand where your comeing from tho. i have had something close to that happen to me be fore. but if you love this girl youll make it work.