After 7 Years, A Love Not Meant To Happen?


This began 7-8 years ago when i came to colledge. He was a colleague of mine, i could say the cutest boy i have ever seen. From the first time i saw him i felt a very strong attraction. We were just staring at each other, never talked, just flirts and smiles.

He did not pass the year and from the second year we were not colleagues anymore, but still ran into each other.

I will try to make this as short as possible...after 2 more years, we ran into each other in a club, danced and talked ..he asked my phone no, but never called..

After another year, he called me and asked me out for a coffee...we met, i ended up at his place and we kissed, etc, and he told me that he liked me very much , etc..the problem was that the both of us were in relationships and he did not tell me if he wants to be with me or i went home, and called him the next day but he did not ask me out...after some months he called me again, we went out and eventually ended up having sex...

He still did not call me the next day, i still had the same boyfriend and he was also in a relationship..

Months passed, so now we are after 5 years since the story began...he called me again and we met and again we had sex. he told me again the same story that he was in love with me in the first year, bla bla..we talked about us being together, but he told me that one of will get hurt in the end...after some months when we used to meet quite a lot ..he vanished explanations, no nothing..i would like to mention that all these years i had the same boyfriend and even i was cheating on him, i would have left any time if this guy from school would have asked me to be together...

After collage was over (i studied 5 years) we talked again one night on msn and he told me he misses me and would like us to meet...We met the next day, had sex again and again he left with no explanations..

The next year ..same the meantime i broke up with my long term boyfriend and called this guy to meet..

He agreed and we met. We had sex again...and after that i asked him what is this thing going on between us for so many years...He told me that he wanted me very much years ago, but he was too coward to ask me out at the he moved in with his girlfriend and he told me that he can not be with someone who he is not in love with..that the sex is really good with me but he does not see anything else ....

what is this ? why was it not meant to be?

We really have a connection and feel good around each other..but he is always just running away..

so, any suggestions , opinions..are welcome

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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

i have a somewhat simlilar situation.
i would think he is just scared to break up with his girlfriend or he is just a total ******* and only in it for the sex.