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Thanks Lilycue!

We now have a new group logo thanks to lilycue... Thanks :-)
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 18 Responses Apr 29, 2009

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I'd like Lilycute :-D (I get my cues from Lilycue) to look at my top 20 experiences and see two of her group logos there... another is sexy words and names... another brilliant Lilycue choice

Your so sweet Laura, you know you are!!!!

But I really should "re-address" the brilliance of what TexasLily did here...<br />
<br />
See "Jul" means different things to different people... To young me she was the first three letters of "Julie". To old me, she's a very sexy month abbreviation... To the founder of my people, she's the Swedish (her native language) word for "Christmas". And to TexasLily she's the name of various family members, but in her wisdom, TexasLily didn't pick any of these things, and chose something everyone can enjoy, so we can look and all enjoy and no-one is "excluded"

I know... is great! I love that font JULIAN is in too... I'm a fan of name JULIA so I just look at that part :-)

Thanks Laura,I will look into everything your posting here.<br />
<br />
Hey I did go and check out the machines,that is really cool to see my grandsons name on that,lol!!!

Is in the middle of the machine... Not the best photo but enough to imagine how hot those letters look together :-)

Ohhh.... Lilycue has gotta see this... They also make something called a "JULIAN Plus" with name -big as life-:<br />
<br />

Here's the post Lilycue really needs to see :-)<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> ...<br />
<br />
By the way, did the name "Lilycue" on here always have the capital L? If not, as a lover of capital L's, I thank you for adding this :-)

I once named a glass bell Annabelle :-)

Same with words. I romantically love words as well...

If you love names, there are name/name-admiration groups all over EP... There are even groups for creating new names... If you are seriously interested in liking or loving names, I can dig through everything I got and let you know what I've found on here....

Hmmm,I'll have google that,just to see the name,lol.I recently became a great aunt for the 3rd time and they named the baby Annabelle,I love that name,maybe I'll have to write a story about AnnaBelle!!

Here's the original Julian post: <a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
I do not know if 'Jul' has been a company name or brand/product name but Julie/Julia both have been :-)

"Juliana" is a lovely name... Did you know a company (they're called Drager) has actually made an advanced piece of medical equipment having the name "Julian" as a brand name? Is -so great-... This one screen comes up on his monitor and says "Checklist for Julian" (and all these steps are listed) and at the bottom says something like "Is Julian OK?" :-) ... And to top it all off (atleast on the one I saw pictures of), when he starts up, he shows his firmware date, which is abbreviated as -Jul-. I'm not making this up :-)

Hi LauraIsLovely,you know all this time I don't know hw I could forget that actually my granddaughters name is Juliana.My son's middle name is Julian,so my daughter when she was pregnant with a girl wanted the name Juliana as the feminine version of Julian,so that she could have a part of her brother's name.Then of course after her son was born she named him Julian also after her brother.I think we're just about worn out that name,lol,but I do love it!!!

Problem solved. Thanks for helping out.

Oooo,you know I had to comment on any story where my name is in the title.And this group is special to me anyway cause I have a 2 year old grandson named Julian and I call him my little Jul.I got lucky and found this avatar with "JUL" on it and I got all happy,it was perfect!!

The word/name is an "international thing". Sure I fell in love with because is an American month abbreviation and probably noticed that originally because of the Julie/Julia names, but also means "Christmas" in Swedish (and who knows whatever else in other languages if I bother to look :-) ).<br />
<br />
If I hadn't been too lazy to come up with group logos, I'd probably have gone for an instance of the word/name "in their natural habitat" so-to-speak, but then there's no better voice about Jul than from someone loyal enough to the name to find and join this group after I created ...<br />
<br />
I really oughta go and add logos for my 14 favorites atleast. Some people already have supplied some of them... The word "La" for example really needs one...