I pray for darkness as much as a child longs for the first light of day.  I love the night as it allows me to escape to a dreamland where we are together, walking hand in hand.  It allows me to escape the darkness that sometimes envelops me. It is a place where I can see those that have walked into eternity before me and talk to them, touch them if only for a moment, and be one with them in my dreams.  I love the dark for what it gives me.  It is very forgiving.  If I forget to join night for our session he welcomes me with open arms the next time I step into his domain.  I love the night.

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I know Who you are... lalala, <br />
<br />
sometimes people "HIDE" behind something... like little mice...<br />
thinking they will one day emerge a ROARING LION... <br />
<br />
roar... prrr

"...I pray for darkness as much as a child longs for the first light of day."...My very first memory is hiding behind the cough with a kitchen knife. My mother locked me in the house while she went to work 11PM to 7AM.<br />
<br />
Rather then stay afraid I hid with my knife and became the thing others would be afraid of in the night… I grew to love the night...DD

It is magical.


Night is a respite from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. The dark velvet sheets of night cover the sky and the world grows quiet. Often in the deep of night I find myself reflective of things. There is peace in the night, a calmness that cannot be found at any other time.


It is miraculous.

There is just something about the night time... I love it too.

Awww I do this too. I long to be looking up while holding hands and fall asleep in his arms.

thanks y'all

You express yourself beautifully and the love that many feel for night, when the world seems far away and anything is possible

Thanks BB.<br />
<br />
Me too Lacey, except I can sit on my porch any day as well and there is not a soul around except me.

I am glad I keep you guessing.

I thought I had written this post. I was confused for a bit. Mmmmmm<br />
I am comfortable feeling confused around you though because you effect me that way. <br />
Mmmmmm I do not understand you and I like this about you very much...DD

Oh yes it is mother, thank you