Why Doesn't He Miss Me?

So my marriage wasnt the greatest all the time but we had some good times. I loved him and still do with all my heart. I know he is enjoying the fact that he no longer has a wife looking over his shoulder nor his child crying at night because she doesnt feel good. What I dont understand is why he is so content with trying to start a new relationship with someone new. Does he not know that no one can truly love the real him, the man who is dying inside from his chilldhood, the man who turns to drugs to ease his pain, the man who he really is. I am still in love with him and I miss his hugs and kisses daily. He was a pretty passionate man when it came to holding, hugging and so forth but his demons led him to angry outbursts and lies that made no sense to tell. I swear that this man will die alone as when women find him out, unless she too is a drug addict, will leave quick and in a hurry. I tried to help him which seemed to be more complaining then helping now that I look back. Oh well, I am the one with the broken heart while he plays with other women, and their children's, emotions of false love and commitment.
amethysthm amethysthm
Jan 7, 2013