There's Something About Tiny...

There's just something about him.  He seems like he was a really sweet guy, very warm and friendly, and just - sweet.  He also seemed so gentle even though he was so big and tall.  I like to think of Tiny Tim as a "gentle giant."  He seems to have had a great sense of humor, as well.  I never understood why very few people liked him, other than the fact that he was odd.  So what?  Lots of people are odd.  I know he isn't conventionally "handsome," but to me, he's beautiful.  I love his long, flowing curly locks, and his eyes...  OMG.  They sparkled so much it was as if there were a million galaxies of stars in his eyes. 


When I see pictures of him kissing his first wife, Miss Vicky, I wish it was me he was kissing!  How I would have loved to have been able to share kisses with that man - to hold him, and run my fingers through all that curly hair!  Tiny would have wanted for NOTHING if I would have been his wife.  i would have been so good for that man... OMG.


I feel kind of creepy for being totally in love with this man - he evens arouses me.  But the thing is, it's the thought of him living, and smiling and being happy - BEING ALIVE - that keeps me attracted to him.  I wouldn't dare be attracted to a corpse.  Ewwww!  

I just wonder if there are other people out there who are in love with a celebrity who has passed away.  if you are one of these people, feel free to join my group.  If you are in love with Tiny Tim also, feel free to join, but please keep it yourself.

inlovewithadeadguy inlovewithadeadguy
Mar 28, 2009