This Is An Incredibly Gutsy Statement And Position To Take.........

I have found no other decent way of living Life anymore than confronting The Truth head on.  He/she who doesn't have the courage to confront The Truth, is going to have the pain of confronting the consequences of avoiding The Truth.  What is Truth?  Pilate asked that and didn't even hang around long enough to hear the answer. What a dummy.  I guess we have to figure it out ourselves by removing layer upon layer of conditioning that robs us of our right to live our Lives according to our Lights.  Thank God, all goodness converges in the center and is GOOD in essence.  If You live by your Light, and I Live by My Light.......... we are going to be fine.  

Love to all, L
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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

That is gutsy, only thing is I really don'y have anything profound to say in response.