No Regrets

I was very intrigued by the first lady's story about being in love with two men, which lead me to write this response. Do you believe in God? if so then you already know what you should do. No, it's not easy, and YES, I know that doing the right thing all the time is very hard. But remember this always, everyone's attracted to what's new, hot and trendy, but just like everything else the newness will wear off and you'll become bored and maybe even filled with guilt that could last you a life time. What am I saying? If it's not right don't do it. you're probably wondering to yourself, damn, what do I do at this point. Well, you could sit your husband down and tell him how you're feeling, what you're missing, and what you truly want and need in the life that you two are sharing together. He, then will either tell you that he understands, or, he could get upset and angry, or he could just say nothing. But at least you wouldn't have to feel guilty about your hidden feelings anymore. I've found throughout my life that honesty truly is still the best policy. and I have been quite pleasantly surprised by the results from telling the truth. Sometimes we meet people at a time in our lives when we are still trying to find ourselves. And then we later find out that we weren't really made for each other after all. There's nothing wrong with growing, but there is something wrong with out growing someone. And what's wrong with it, is staying and pretending to be happy when you know you and that person that you say you love deserves better. If there are kids involves the younger they are the better if you decide that separating is what's best. Believe me they'll understand later on in life and probably even thank you for it. Because whatever you do affects them and if you're not happy it will eventually start to show in everything you do or don't do! Oh, and that part where you said that you didn't want to be without your husband, that's only because you don't want to hurt him, not because you love him so much. Life is too damn short to be unhappy. Lastly, again if you believe in God, pray about it and ask Him to help you with your decision. He does answer prayers, and He will answer yours and then you'll know exactly what to do. GOOD LUCK!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Thanks, very true by and large. To be honest i did sit my husband down. He was the one who told me to go find someone else (in less polite terms) cos he was not a piece of meat. You are right about every thing you say .Thanks so much