Loving 2 Men And Been Loved By 2 Men

Im 20 years old and until last year I never thought I would ever find love. The funny part is i found love in not just one man but two. I fell in love with Zak one of my best friends even though he was younger. I never told Zak how i felt until he had already figured it out on his own.

While i was falling for Zak, Travis my other friend was falling for me, we would date and later have a kid or at lest we believe him to be her father. We didnt date long due to the fact that I started to fall for another man. A man that I am going to marry here soon

Josh and I meet while I was dating Travis and we fell in love shortly after. We didnt start dating until i was three months along in my pregency, for a long time i thought Josh was the father but now im unsure. All i know is that I love Josh with all my heart and I also Love zak with all my heart, but I choose to be with Josh just as Zak has choosen to be with his girlfriend.

I Love travis but more as a brother after everything, i have choosen to live my life with josh and hope that travis will someday find a women he can love as mush and if not more then me.

As for zak im happy he has found love and we will always be there for each other nomatter what.
c3poxl7 c3poxl7
Sep 22, 2012