In The Middle

i never thought i could be in love with two people. but i am. and it hurts. and is so confusing. i don't want to hurt either of them. but i don't want to lie to either of them. so i'm choosing neither of them. and that hurts, too. 

outerblonde outerblonde
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4 Responses May 3, 2010

Same. It does seem to be the best option for all involved, even though it hurts. I have decided I will do the same, but I haven't put that into action yet. I'm scared.<br />
But!<br />
What will be, will be.

I am in the same postition...only I am married to one and the other is my HS love..i have no decision to make because I will not hurt my does hurt very very badly!!!!

Im in the same position and that was my decision too..! Wish it didnt hurt so much, but its for the best.

woah.. pretty good decision