The Both Of Them

What little drama I do have in life I cause for myself... I am in love with two men. Men that are so different from each other that loving them is like night and day. What one isn't the other one is and vice versa. A is a tall native Alaskan man with a awesome smile, charismatic personality and a decent sense of style. On the other hand D is a short Scottish man with very deep eyes, a strong silent side, a great love for his dog and his sports bike and he listens to punk rock. D is ten years older than me. Both men live in different parts of the country... D living in the Georgia mountains and A living here with me in Texas.
I have two sons by A that D still considers his own. Needless to say I have had a complicated life due to loving these two men and have done it for so long that I can sometimes forget who I am but in all honesty I couldn't give up either one to save my life.
The answer to the question I most commonly get is yes, it is very much possible to love two people at the same time...I do it every day.
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What happened? did you choose?

Then I really feel for you,people need to relax and go with things. They might be surprised what good things can come out of the wierdest things. Good luck.

you need to do what my wife did in this same situation, she introduced the two of us and after a little bit of getting to know each other we all moved in together. It worked awesome fro 9 years.

Heartbreaking as it is for me to say I wish it were as simple. The two of them have never even met but despise each other anyway. I would be afraid to have the both of them together in the same room, much less the same life. No...I am forced to choose and every choice that I make is wrong.

I could not relate to you even more. I'm in love with two men that are completely opposite of each other. The only problem is, I'm in a long distance relationship with one of them. I have no other drama in my life except for this fact and it is driving me crazy. I hope you figure out what you want. take care

Thank you for your comment :) I am in the same position as D lives hundreds of miles away in Georgia. I hope things work out well for you!