I Am So Confused

I am in a long distance relationship for 3 years with this guy..lets call him jack..i love him a lot n he loves me too. we want to spend our whole life together but his parents are against this..my sister recently got married and few months back i went to their place. she was away from home and me n my brother in law were alone at home. we were watching a movie sitting really close to each other. i was resting my head on his shoulders and the next thing i know is we are kissing..and it was so passionate. i loved it and so did he. we kissed again and many times whenever we got a chance alone. i am so attracted to him now. we talk daily and he says he is attracted to me and that he really likes me.. i am falling in love with him. i still love my boyfriend and i feel guilty of cheating on him and breaking the trust of my sister but i cant stop thinking of my brother in law.
i am so confused. i am in such a dilemma..
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2011

Well i m in luv wit two ppl too... one i met aftr marriage... well i dnt wanna brk away from him... but i kno i hav to... so plz go spend some time with ur boyfrnd.. and go on a no contact basis with ur bro - in -law.. main reason..coz he is married to ur sister... if he were not u cud give the relationship a chance...this is a dead end relation it will only hurt many... i hope i cud help.. if u need more opinion or advice feel free to ask. :)

I know i will have to try and stop this..but somewhere i feel its good this way..i like talking to him..i m all messed up..
anyway..thanks for ur advice..

plz tell me what to do... :/