Theres No Greater Feeling Than Lying In The Arms Of The Two People You Love.

Sucking his penis is an honor and a privilege. Going deep to the balls and drinking his non-slimey sweet after taste nectar. Then my hand touches his quivering stomach. Next comes my sweet sweet wife who I love even more than him. I eat her for hours and listen her moan while drinking her clima* down...every drop the way she likes it and the way I need to feed. He is exploding too in my as* that needs it and the sound of both my loves calling my name and their passionate out cries are music to my ears. I am in turned feasted on between the two and the night ended on a moments notice. I love lying in their arms and being kissed. Why can't others understand how wonderful this is? I am so happy in my utopia really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
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*** others if y'all happy then *** them

That is a beautiful feeling! They are a very lucky couple to have you!


Where do I find you people?

I want what you have badly. Don't take it for granted.

I came back to read more of your confessions and say thank you. Zowie! You have a different name and picture. This confession is is steamier than the last!

i would love a relationship like that. your wife has no oppinion in the love triangle that is going on?

No, she needs me. She needs a husband and wife

sounds like a good ********* to me.

I am in love with them and I need them. It is also good for me be fuc*** often.

i want something like that. and im hurting to get it in

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