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My First Love Vs My Second

I am in love with two people, one I have been through hell and back to be with and another was just best friends with me since the day I had him in class my freshman year in hs, when he was a senior. The one I went through hell to be with argues with me all the time and quits talking to me constantly. The other we were friends with benefits and he graduated and went to college but we still talked all the time. My mom found out what we did and tripped out took my phone and said I wasn't allowed to talk to him. When I got my phone back I got a texting app to talk and come to find out he wanted a relationship with me to see where things would go. We have been together ever since never fought once and are trying to make it until I graduate. The other guy is always trying to come into my life but doesn't know I'm dating someone and happy. He was my first love and I can't get over him. I try moving on and just being with the guy that makes me happy and will do anything for me but the other guy is holding me back. We have talked about being together and having a family because we're so happy but my parents pressed charges on him for trespassing and forbid me to see him. Nothing has stopped us yet but I'm afraid my mom will try to put him in jail when I move out to live with him.
Thisgirl27 Thisgirl27 16-17, F 1 Response Jul 12, 2012

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while i loved my second love very much and i have no idea what life would have been like after we were married as she was killed just 2 weeks before we came back to CALIF to get married<br />
<br />
the love was not the same as i felt for my first love and my first wife of 6 years before she was killed<br />
<br />
maybe it was because we really did grow up with each other from the age of 11 on till we married at 13<br />
we knew each other inside and out we knew the deepest secrets we shared with each other<br />
<br />
we share a different type of love few would understand it really was not ba<x>sed on the act of sex it was ba<x>sed on love and talking and playing with each other and we knew we could not have children<br />
<br />
my second love was great we made love many ways and many places <br />
<br />
there was still something missing between my first wife Roerta and Cathy with roberta we had for lack of better word MIND talk we really could talk to each other with our words andit made test in school a lot easyer and many teacher at first thought we cheated they just never could prove it and like one teacher told us they would never belives us anyway<br />
<br />
but that teacher understood