On Stuff

Sometimes when my thoughts wander aimlessly I wonder, "where in the world did this come from and how did I get there?" Like today while making a peanut butter sandwich. One would think one's mind would be on the creaminess of the product or the peanutty aroma wafting up to the olfactory processing center in the grey matter.

But no. I took a quantum leap to mayonnaise, other people's mayonnaise. And stuff. Yeah, you read it right. STUFF. Now what does stuff have to do with mayonnaise? I was ruminating about how I dislike using mayonnaise at someone else's house. Mayonnaise that has those little flecks of leftover stuff in it like tuna because the individual was uh, careless.

But I'm not being overly critical, and there is no double standard here. I don't like, nor will I use my own mayonnaise it it has stuff in it. 
martysmax martysmax
61-65, F
Sep 7, 2012